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Why You Should Rent a Junk Bin in Autumn

There’s a reason for every season, and in the fall, that reason could very well be preparing your home and property for winter. Winter is usually the season you’re most likely to be stuck inside; with COVID-19 restrictions, you’ve probably spent too much time inside already. That makes autumn a good time for fall cleaning inside and out, and that’s a great reason to contract a garbage bin rental company.

Arrange a waste bin rental for all the right reasons

Winter’s coming, and that means your family will be inside a lot more. Take a look around your house; are you ready to spend another three months cooped up inside knowing there’s junk in the garage, junk in the attic, and junk in the closet? Take a look at your yard? Are there leaves, garden beds, branches, and grass trimmings that should be inside a junk bin rental? If orange is the new black and 60 is the new 40, then fall is definitely the new spring when it comes to potential clean up of your residential or commercial property. Remove all of those unwanted items that trigger stress quickly, easily, and affordably.

Conducting an extensive interior clean up of your home and garage is no fun in the middle of winter. During the moderate autumn season, carrying junk outside to your garbage bin rental seems a lot more tolerable, especially if you’re propping open your doors to facilitate entry and exit. Conducting a fall clean up can be a great family activity. Swing open all the windows, air out the house, and start filling your waste bin rental with all that junk that’s been taking up space. It’s a highly productive and fully cathartic exercise, a great mental health boost and a wonderful way to reclaim space inside your home. Whether it’s just boxes and unwanted materials or a full scale tossing of things taking up space in your interior, a fall clean up is made easier with a junk bin rental from Junk Out.

Let Junk Out help with your Autumn clean up

This idea is good for not only residential properties, but also commercial properties. With a junk bin rental, you can clear out all kinds of large items. Our team at Junk Out can also help direct times for reuse and recycling, helping you avoid sending useful goods into a landfill. We can make your fall clean up as green as possible, directing items to charities that can use them as fundraising tools. Our team can also help with the physical labour, as we adhere to all safety protocols dictated by local and municipal guidelines around COVID-19 and gathering.

Call Junk Out before you begin the process. Once we get an idea of how much material and what types of material is being hauled out, we can recommend the best size bin for the job. Let us help you determine the best path forward. Autumn is a great time to rent your bin to start cleaning out your house. Maybe the kids have moved out or gone to school – there’s probably a ton of stuff you can toss or recycle.


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